Game On With Pace-O-Matic Games of Skill

Legal skill game terminals can create a new source of revenue.

Game On With Pace-O-Matic Games of Skill

September 2023   minute read

Paul Goldean President and CEO

This is a new offering in the convenience store industry. So, first and foremost, what is a game of skill?

Pace-O-Matic (POM) has provided games of skill since 2000 with the singular goal of creating a game that provides players the opportunity to win using their skill, and only their skill, to control the outcome of the game. Simply put, a game of skill requires the player to use their cognitive and physical skills to win, just like other games of skill (pinball, skee ball, etc.), but with one major difference, a player can win cash playing POM skill games.

There is a very important distinction between games of chance, which require “no skill,” and games of skill, which put control over the outcome into the hands of the player. Games of chance, usually identified as slot machines or other video or mechanical type terminals found in casinos or in casino-type locations, put control over the outcome of gameplay into the hands of the terminal. Simply put, POM skill games place control in the hands of the player, while games of chance place control in the hands of a machine controlled by computer algorithms.

As such, POM skill games are redefining local entertainment by combining the legal, wholesome qualities of skill games with exciting cash prizes. You’ll find them in c-stores, restaurants, bars, clubs and truck stops.

Why are c-store operators partnering with Pace-O-Matic and its distributors?

The POM skill game business model is designed to provide our c-store partners with a no-hassle, cost-free, supplemental income source. Our c-store partner reviews speak for themselves: “Since we put Lone Star skill games in, our sales have gone higher than they ever have, and we continue to do well despite the decline in gasoline and diesel. It’s the best single thing convenience store owners could do for their business,” said Bill Douglass, managing partner, Douglass Distributing Company.

Locations that have POM skill games consistently say adding the games is one of the single best decisions they have made for building their business, often citing increased revenue month after month, operational ease (installation, maintenance and equipment costs are covered by POM), an influx of in-store traffic and an increased market basket.

Essentially, a c-store location needs only to provide a small area of floor space. The POM skill games and the Ticket Redemption Terminals (similar to universal kiosks that allow easy cash out for winners) are owned and maintained by POM and our network of local partners. New game releases, cash fills, technical troubleshooting and even marketing materials are all available to location owners hassle free.

What type of consumers do skill games appeal to in a c-store environment? Who are your typical players?

People who love playing POM skill games come from all walks of life! In recent quantitative research, we learned that many of the players play POM skill games in locations close to their homes, which provides added loyalty benefits to the locations.

“When the people come in to play, they play for different lengths of time depending on their age and demographic. Players range from doctors to landscapers. Some people even come in for the evening just to play,” said Douglass.

The one thing that unifies all our players is simply that they like playing our games because they are fun! They love the challenge and control that comes with using their skill to win money.

In your opinion, why is 2023 a great time to consider adding games of skill in your convenience store locations?

As the industry continues to rebuild from prior years of instability, c-store operators tell us they need new sources of revenue that do not increase their operational investment, address the rise in labor and retention costs and work to reverse declining store traffic due to work from home trends. POM skill games are a solution to all the c-stores’ most pressing concerns in 2023 and beyond because they provide supplemental and sustainable revenue without the need for upfront costs, overhead or operational labor. C-store operators who are competing with QSRs really like how our skill game player will be in the store for 30+ minutes—driving customer loyalty and market basket value.

What else do you want people in the industry to know about Pace-O-Matic?

POM is the industry leader of skill games and with that comes the operational excellence expected by c-store operators on both a local and national scale. We have the technology, experience, distributor/operational team relationships and legal and compliance expertise to ensure that all elements are in place for a sustainable and profitable revenue stream. Since our inception in 2000, we have built a team defined by empowerment, innovation and integrity. It shows in everything we do!

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