ONE VOICE: Josh Sharp

This month, NACS talks to Josh Sharp, CEO, Illinois Fuel & Retail Association (IFRA)

ONE VOICE: Josh Sharp

September 2023   minute read

What role in the community do you think convenience stores should play?

At IFRA, our motto is “neighbors serving neighbors,” and it’s more than a slogan, it’s at the core of everything we do as an industry. Convenience stores play a much-needed role in the communities they serve by providing jobs and economic opportunity, and so many of our members generously give back as well. Whether its supporting youth sports or helping raise money for a good cause, convenience stores are there when it matters. Lastly, in a post-COVID world when countless other retailers have shortened their hours of operation, many convenience stores remain open 24/7, every day, to serve customers. What does NACS political engagement mean to you and what benefits have you experienced from being politically engaged?

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