One Voice: Raymond Huff

This month, NACS talks to Raymond Huff, president, HJB Convenience Corp.

One Voice: Raymond Huff

May 2022   minute read

Raymond Huff

What role in the community do you think convenience stores should play? 

The local convenience store provides a quick way to shop for necessities like a half-gallon of milk and a dozen eggs, and, of course, you can fill up your gas tank when you run inside the store to get those necessi- ties without a long wait. Convenience stores also allow us to dream of winning the big one when we play the lottery.

What does NACS political engagement mean to you, and what benefits have you experienced from being politically engaged?

I have participated in NACS’ political engagement programs over the years and have made my voice heard on the issues that matter most to our industry. I have even received calls and emails from my congressional representatives when there is federal legislation that is being considered that could affect my business and our industry. NACS Day on the Hill (DOH) is an exceptional program. I frequently use the tactics I learned at DOH with my local and state politicians to make sure they understand how their legislation affects our business. If you can be clear and concise about your business needs, your local politicians will hear your position on the issue and might even bring it up during city council meetings.

Additionally, being engaged has increased my involvement within the communities and states we serve.

What federal legislative or regulatory issues keep you up at night (with respect to the convenience store industry)?

Any federal legislation that removes products from our shelves and adds additional taxation and regulation that creates busy work keeps me up at night. We already have enough on our plate as it is.

What c-store product could you not live without?

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve needed some eggs or bread and dreaded having to go all the way to the grocery store—thank goodness for the convenience industry. When my coffee machine decides not to work in the morning, I don’t worry. I simply stop at my local convenience store.