Fuels Institute Report Spotlights Medium-and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Fuels Institute Report Spotlights Medium-and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

March 2023   minute read

In the quest to reduce emissions from the transportation sector, policymakers are beginning to explore options that will directly affect medium-and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, which account for about 10% of vehicle miles traveled in the United States, distribute nearly three-quarters of the nation’s freight and contribute 24% of the nation’s transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions.

To help policymakers and affected stakeholders better understand the specific effects such initiatives might have on the MHDV market, the Fuels Institute in a new report has outlined considerations that are critical to address when crafting and implementing such policies.

“As policymakers throughout the nation consider policies to address MHDV emissions, it is critical to understand the unique characteristics of the vehicles in operation and the important role they play in moving the economy of the country forward,” the Fuels Institute states.

Download “Policy Considerations: Emissions Reduction Proposals Affecting Medium-and Heavy-Duty Vehicles” at www.fuelsinstitute.org.