One Voice: Kay Segal

This month, NACS talks to Kay Segal, President and Managing Executive, Business Accelerator Team.

One Voice: Kay Segal

December 2022   minute read

What does NACS political engagement mean to you, and what benefits have you experienced from being politically engaged?

Kay Segal, President and Managing Executive, Business Accelerator Team

Involvement in NACS political engagement efforts has provided an opportunity to gain firsthand insights about the major issues that affect both our industry as a whole and and the retailers within our industry. This has helped the partners at Business Accelerator Team to educate clients about issues and challenges facing the industry. Since I’m writing this around election time, I am compelled to mention that the NACS government relations team has shared key points of importance to the industry, while providing information on where candidates stand on positions crucial to the industry. Business Accelerator Team highly recommends getting involved with NACS political engagement efforts for both retailers and suppliers. As an added benefit, the networking at the NACS in-person events is excellent!

What federal legislative or regulatory issues keep you up at night?

Legislative issues related to labor, transportation, fuel, transaction fees, food retailing and foodservice keep me up at night. Business Accelerator Team works with suppliers and retailers in the industry; therefore, it is imperative that we understand the holistic nature of the convenience and retail petroleum business to both empathize with retailers and foster appropriate and meaningful interactions for and with our clients. Too much regulation is not good for retailers or consumers.

What c-store product could you not live without?

Aside from being able to satisfy almost any snack craving, a well-brixed fountain drink with chewy ice, especially on a hot Arizona day, cannot be beat!

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