One Voice: Frank Squilla

This month, NACS talks to Frank Squilla, EVP, industry and trade relations, InComm Payments.

One Voice: Frank Squilla

January 2023   minute read

What does NACS political engagement mean to you, and what benefits have you experienced from being politically engaged?

Frank Squilla, EVP, industry and trade relations, InComm Payments. 

Before I was involved with NACS political engagement efforts, I was skeptical as to how I can make a difference as a single supplier in a massive industry. As I got to know the retailers and fellow suppliers, I realized that NACS was so much more than the NACS Show. There are real issues that constantly affect our industry that need to be addressed. As our business grew in the industry, and I became aware of the issues that really mattered to the retailers in this space, I felt it was incumbent that I help address the issues that could impact this incredible family of retailers and supplier partners. Being involved with NACS became a real passion of mine. By participating, in addition to all the incredible relationships you make along the way, you are more in tune with what is important to maintain and grow the business you have come to love, and the retailers recognize that you care about more than just your business. I can’t say enough about this organization and the benefits to my business and the long-term, sincere personal relationships that have been born out of mutual passion about a wonderful industry.

What federal legislative or regulatory issues keep you up at night?

I am not one to lose sleep on many items, but I always concern myself with federal overreach, especially on the current motor fuel and EV discussions. Mandating specific fuels or transportation technology is not good for consumers, the environment or the convenience industry. The government should remain technology neutral and let competition drive the best energy solutions to reduce carbon emissions. The force-feeding of EVs and the demonization of liquid motor fuels are truly concerning.

What c-store product could you not live without?

Being from Philadelphia, you know I need my Wawa morning coffee every day. Then, of course, the egg white breakfast Sizzli. It’s my go-to.