The Future of Mobility Includes Electric

The growth of the electric vehicle market is set to accelerate.

The Future of Mobility Includes Electric

June 2020   minute read

With automakers redirecting more than $1 billion in resources to deliver more than 100 new electrified models in the coming years, the growth of the electric vehicle (EV) market is set to accelerate. Electricity will soon become a common fuel for transportation.

McKinsey & Company projects that the United States will need as many as 13 million chargers by 2030 to support consumer demand—compared with less than 100,000 today. Now is the time for convenience and fuel retailers to begin preparing to offer new EV charging services to your customers, and NACS and the Fuels Institute are delivering two new resources to help you navigate your opportunities.

NACS Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program

NACS is working with organizations focused on deploying EV charging infrastructure to ensure that NACS members can take advantage of opportunities to expand into this fast-emerging market. Through this program, NACS will help:

  • Navigate the diverse market and find solutions to fit your business
  • Define high-demand markets to capitalize on the EV charging equipment investment
  • Connect with network charging providers to install charging stations at your stores
  • Identify partners to help install equipment, reduce costs and maximize profitability
  • Source funding and technical support programs to assist with your entry to the market
  • Assist with future-proofing new stores to enable EV charging when the time is right and protect the value of your 20+ year asset
This program is open to any NACS member interested in entering the electric vehicle charging market. For more information and to participate, visit

Fuels Institute Electric Vehicle Council

This collaborative research body is pulling together stakeholders across the EV market to provide the necessary insights and knowledge to establish a sustainable charging business network. The Council is developing the following:

  • Analysis of state and local regulations and incentives that affect the installation and operation of EV charging equipment
  • A tool kit to help interested businesses effectively evaluate opportunities for offering EV charging services
  • Data-driven best practices and case studies to help businesses successfully enter the charging market in a way that optimizes long-term profitability
  • A report on consumer preferences regarding charging station amenities that will satisfy the needs of current and future drivers of EVs
The Fuels Institute Electric Vehicle Council is focused on delivering valuable resources to the market. For more information on what the Council is doing and how you can get involved, visit

For insight into the electric vehicle market and the demands for charging infrastructure, download the recent Fuels Institute report “Electric Vehicle Market: Focus on Charging” at